Easter, Day 3

“Easter, Day 3”
John 20:17b from the Gospel at Mass
Tuesday within the Octave of Easter
©️2021 by Gloria M. Chang

3 Replies to “Easter, Day 3”

  1. Brother Jesus! Of note is the way Jesus called his disciples, “my brothers” and pointed out their oneness with him and the Father. His familiar address reminds me that we are the family of God.

  2. Dear GMC, I appreciate your reflection and cenaclemary12’s reply. As Pope Francis writes in Fratelli Tutti: “A worldwide tragedy like the COVID-19 pandemic momentarily revived the sense that we are a global community, all in the same boat, where one person’s problems are the problems of all. Once more we realized that no one is saved alone; we can only be saved together.” Thank you both for enlightening your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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