Happy Thanksgiving, Day 3

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!”
1 Chronicles 16:34
©️2020 by Gloria M. Chang

8 Replies to “Happy Thanksgiving, Day 3”

  1. Dear GMC, in all my leaf peeping days, I have never seen such a beautifully colored leaf as the one that is bespeckled in yellow, orange, green and a reddish tone. I can’t help asking, is it real?

  2. Dear GMC, my apologies for asking if the leaf is real. I meant to ask instead what plant produces such a beautiful fall leaf?

  3. Dear GMC, thank you so much for the information. I just ordered a live plant from Amazon to put in my Advent wreath / Mary Garden. I’m so excited for it to come. Thank you!

  4. Dear GMC, eventually we become what we choose. If we choose gratitude, we become grateful. In our many small decisions may we cooperate with God’s grace. And, thank you for introducing us to the Mary garden. Mine is still thriving and a great space for praying and expressing gratitude.

  5. No end to goodness of God!
    No measure to everlasting love.
    Each path of my life I trod,
    I’m carrying Calvary cross love.
    When my burden gets me blue,
    My Simons help me go the Way.
    Friends, family. bloggers, too,
    Thanks be to God for every day.

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