Like a Stream is the King’s Heart

Stream in spring, by Mary Dignam (before 1938)

Proverbs 21:1-6, 10-13; Luke 8:19-21 

Like a stream is the king’s heart in the hand of the LORD; wherever it pleases him, he directs it (Proverbs 21:1).

Tranquility like streams of water characterized the heart of the humble king of the universe. The Son of man conceived by the Holy Spirit in the Virgin’s womb offered no resistance to that same Spirit. 

Anyone who hears and follows the whispering Logos with the ears of the Spirit become as intimate with the eternal king as his mother and brethren. Sharp rocks and cutting thorns are smoothed by the running channels of deifying grace.

The mother of Jesus and his brothers came to him but were unable to join him because of the crowd. He was told, “Your mother and your brothers are standing outside and they wish to see you.” He said to them in reply, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and act on it.”

The Spirit of the Logos is always whispering day and night in the depths of our heart. It also whispers all around us in the wonderful world of nature. May we tune in and live on the Spirit’s frequency, in divine silence and tranquility.


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  1. About 5 years ago while praising and worshiping God in the Passionist Monastery the Spirit showed me something so out of the ordinary that it shook me out of my prayer. I was not alone that day. I was with Fr. Owen Lally,CP and the Cloud of Glory prayer group, a Charismatic prayer group he led. I was high on God, you could say. All of the sudden I was hit with a vision that basically took me out this world into eternity. There I realized that when I finally leave this Earth the first people that I’ll meet in heaven will not be my family, no, the first people I will meet will be the people I have become one with in God! Our souls have become intertwined not only with Our God, we’ve become intertwined with each other. In God we have become one family loving, trusting, praising and worshiping Him as one! I’ve never been the same after that! Thank You my Triune God for taking us into Your fold!

  2. What a Grace-filled story, Berta! I always wondered about that, who would I meet in Heaven, my family or others? Thank you for sharing your spiritual experience with us. You are a blessed woman!

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