Song of Shalom Snail

Bereshit Shalom Shalom
Reigned o’er the heavens and the earth,
Shaping our terrestrial home,
Filling it with celestial mirth.

The rose remembers Zion;
Peonies pine for paradise.
The dreamy dandelion 
Hu-ums heavenly lullabies. 

The ditties of daffodils
Tulips triumphantly trumpet.
Daisies dotting rolling hills
Dance sprightly with the Beloved.

Mums trill with morning glories;
Marigolds crown the Virgin Queen.
Berries bubble with stories
Of lilies of the valley green.

Rose of Sharon sings with Snail
A serenade to the Spirit
Who waters the arid vale,
Splashing rainbow colors vivid.

Round and round, snail spirals coil
Like galaxies and sunflowers
Chanting songs of praise in soil,
Blessing God in sun and showers.

Wholeness, soundness, peace in God—
Shalom unites in harmony.
Let every living being laud
Yerushalaim in melody.

Poem Notes

Line 1: Bereshit, the first word of the Torah in the Book of Genesis, means “In the beginning” or “In the origin/source.”

Line 5: Zion symbolizes “the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem” (Hebrews 12:22; Revelation 14:1).

Line 28: Yerushalaim is the transliteration of Jerusalem. Click phonetics for the pronunciation of Yerushalaim.