Our Lady of Guadalupe

“Our Lady of Guadalupe”
©️2022 by Gloria M. Chang

Nican Mopohua (“Here It is Told”)

From a report by Don Antonio Valeriano, a Native American author of the sixteenth century (Liturgy of the Hours translation)

At daybreak one Saturday morning in 1531, on the very first days of the month of December, an Indian named Juan Diego was going from the village where he lived to Tlatelolco in order to take part in divine worship and listen to God’s commandments.… Read the rest

What is Equality? (Part 2)

“What is Equality? (Part 2)” (2 panels)
©️2020 by Gloria M. Chang

What is Equality?

Equality requires an external standard measure. For example, X is equal to Y in length, taking either X or Y as the standard. If Z is equal to X, it is also equal to Y.… Read the rest

A Divine Conductor? (Part 2)

Persons Are Wholes, Not Parts

The Three One has no “internal conductor,” but can the Trinity be conceived as the “conductor” of human persons and the cosmos? 

What is the relationship between persons and the cosmos? From our material frames of reference, human persons are parts of the universe.… Read the rest