Saint Barnabas, Apostle

“Saint Barnabas, Apostle”
©️2022 by Gloria M. Chang

Champion of Paul

One of the best-loved characteristics of St. Barnabas is his gift of drawing out the God-given potential in others. Named Joseph at birth, the Levite from Cyprus became known as “Barnabas,” which means “son of encouragement” or “son of consolation” (Acts 4:36). … Read the rest

A Gospel Not of Human Origin

Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul

Who are you, Lord? I am Jesus whom you are persecuting; you harm only yourself by kicking against the goad.

Liturgy of the Hours, Conversion of Paul, Apostle, Office of Readings, Antiphon 1 from Acts 26:14

Scales fell from the eyes of Saul’s heart as scales filled the eyes of his body.… Read the rest