Were Not Our Hearts Burning Within Us?

“Were Not Our Hearts Burning Within Us?”
Luke 24:32
Wednesday within the Octave of Easter
©️2021 by Gloria M. Chang

“Good then is love, having wings of burning fire, that flies through the breasts and hearts of the saints… Therefore the wings of fire are the flames of the divine Scripture.”

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Asleep in the Garden

Creation of Eve. Byzantine mosaic in Monreale, 12th century.

5th Week in Ordinary Time, Thursday (Year I)

Genesis 2:18-25; Psalm 128

The creation story of cosmic and human origins in Genesis is shrouded in mystery, enigma, and impenetrable conundrums. The first chapter poetically captures the goodness, beauty and delight taken by the Creator God in the heavens and the earth, culminating in his “rest” (shabath) on the seventh day as in a temple.… Read the rest