Naaman’s Journey of Faith

Plaque of the Healing of Naaman the Syrian, Meuse River Valley, c. 1150 (British Museum)

Third Week of Lent, Monday

2 Kings 5:1-15; Luke 4:24-30

Man of valor Naaman commanded infantries
But was overpowered by a vile skin disease.
A little girl’s faith—the size of a mustard seed—
Sent the chief to Israel with surefooted speed.

The carnal king of Israel tore his robe with wrath.
The Arameans, he cried, were on the warpath.
Elisha, man of God, accepted Naaman’s plea:
“Let him come to me, prophet of the Almighty.”

Worldly-wise Naaman rejected his prescription,
Dismissing the river Jordan with revulsion.
The faith of servants—the size of a mustard seed—
Lowered him in the Jordan, and from his plague freed.  

Leprous flesh became the flesh of a little child;
A doubting heart believed and a scoffing mouth smiled.
A mustard seed of faith can move mountains and trees1
From Israel to Syria—no boundaries.


1 Matthew 17:20; Luke 17:6.

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